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ATM introduces new Foton eAumark Electric Truck

There's something new from ATM—Malaysia’s first fully electric truck, the Foton eAumark, and it might just be what the commercial industry needs.

Shaynah Miranda Shaynah Miranda on May 13, 2024
ATM debuts its first all-electric truck along with new commercial models at the Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo 2024.

Angka-Tan Motor Sdn Bhd (ATM), the exclusive distributor of Foton commercial vehicles, is making quite the noise in Malaysia with the launch of three new trucks, including their first all-electric model.

Leading the new offerings is the 2024 Foton eAumark, the first fully electric light-duty truck to hit the Malaysian market. The model keeps the well-regarded features of the Foton Aumark and adds electric power, promoting cleaner transportation. With a powerful electric motor that provides 154 horsepower and more than 900Nm of torque, the eAumark can travel up to 200 kilometers on a full charge, thanks to its 81.14kWh battery. The car is made to perform well even under harsh weather and includes a 10kW ePTO port for extra equipment, expanding its usability.


Alongside the electric eAumark, ATM has also launched the Foton Aumark S Euro 4. The updated model fits with Malaysia’s Euro 4 emission standards and is available in both four-wheel and six-wheel versions. The car is compatible with B20 biodiesel, improving its appeal to businesses concentrated on minimizing environmental impact. Completing the new lineup is the Euro 4 JMC Vigus Pro White Series 4x2, which is made with a strong 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission by ZF. Made as a metropolitan workhorse, it uses utility with everyday comforts, making it ideal for city use.


The Foton eAumark is priced starting at RM238,000 (approximately Php 2,907,894.11), including a warranty package. The Foton Aumark S Euro 4 starts at RM98,400 (approximately Php 1,202,255.38) and offers an industry-leading six-year/300,000km warranty. The JMC Vigus Pro White Series 4x2 is available from RM89,999(approximately Php 1,202,255.38) and includes a three-year/100,000km warranty.

All these trucks are up for grabs at the Expo until May 11, 2024. Anyone interested in seeing what’s new and great in commercial trucks might want to take a look. While you're here, why not check out Foton’s full range at TruckDeal and get a price quote for the truck you want? 

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