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Foton Motor Philippines celebrates 1,000 units delivered with partner and logistics giant J&T Express

A significant milestone has been reached in the partnership between Foton Philippines and J&T Express with the delivery of the 1,000th unit for J&T’s fleet.

Jerome Tresvalles Jerome Tresvalles on Sep 06, 2023
FOTON J&T Express Cover

Foton Motor Philippines, Inc. (FMPI)., recently celebrated a significant milestone by delivering its 1,000th unit to J&T Express, one of Southeast Asia's prominent logistics companies. This bolstered fleet is poised to further expand J&T Express’ services and boost its fleet’s overall efficiency.

The turnover event took place on July 19th at Foton Motor Philippines' Clark, Pampanga plant. The ceremony was graced by attendees including Rommel Sytin, the Chairman of FMPI, Levy Santos, the General Manager of FMPI, Dean Ding, CEO of J&T Express, Zoe Chi, Vice President of J&T Express, and Alex Lee, the Country Manager for Foton International Light Duty Trucks.

Chairman Sytin reflected on the collaboration, saying, “It all began almost five years ago when both of our companies partnered together to provide stronger and more efficient logistics mobility services to adapt to the fast-growing demands of the Filipino consumers and the booming success of e-commerce.” 

The two brands’ enduring partnership started with the turnover of Foton Tornado 2E E4 F-Vans back in 2019. Since then, J&T Express has cultivated a deep sense of trust and confidence in Foton and its products. This has paved the way for more extensive collaborations, strengthening their partnership. In the following years, both companies had to ride out numerous challenges brought on by the pandemic, despite this, their partnership has endured. 

Foton - J&T News turnover ceremony
“As one of our trusted partners, we are proud to share this milestone with Foton. This will strengthen our logistics and mobility in the country and help J&T reach more destinations in the Philippines—delivering more quality service, smiles, and joy to Filipinos.”
Foton - J&T Turnover Ceremony

Over the years, J&T Express has expanded its fleet by procuring a variety of Foton commercial vehicles, including the Harabas Series light commercial vehicles and extending to Light Duty Trucks (LDT), all the way up to Heavy Duty Trucks (HDT). 

Speaking on the long partnership that Foton and J&T Express have shared, Levy Santos added, “This milestone marks a significant partnership between two industry giants, Foton and J&T Express. It reflects the strength of collaboration, the pursuit of excellence, and the commitment to serving our customers with the utmost dedication. Together, we have traversed many roads, overcome challenges, and strengthened the foundations of logistics and transportation in our country.” 

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