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REE Automotive introduces the world's first electric truck with a fully by-wire chassis

The P7.C is the first electric truck equipped with steer-by-wire, brake-by-wire, and drive-by-wire architecture.

Jerome Tresvalles Jerome Tresvalles on Jan 15, 2024

REE Automotive, an Israel-based company, has just begun testing the world’s first fully by-wire electric truck in America. According to them, this battery-powered truck has become the initial by-wire commercial truck in the U.S. market to attain both Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certifications.

Named the P7.C, the electric cab-chassis truck features brakes, steering, and drivetrain that operate entirely using electricity. Before we go further though, the term “by-wire” implies electronic operation, as opposed to a traditional physical mechanical connection. While not entirely novel, this technology is widespread, with most modern cars incorporating by-wire systems. Among these, the electronic power steering and electronic parking brake are the most commonly found in mainstream cars.

Moving on to the truck, the medium-duty P7-C is equipped with steer-by-wire, brake-by-wire, and throttle-by-wire systems. Eliminating various mechanical connections from the drivetrain not only enhances volumetric efficiency and reduces weight but also facilitates a more modular design, as per REE.

REE P7.C Inline 1
REE P7.C Inline 3

Designed mainly for use in urban environments, the P7.C is 4,877 mm long and has a payload capacity of 3,199 kg, with a peak power reaching 536 horsepower. Despite the amount of power though, the P7.C can only travel 241 km before it runs out of juice. On the bright side, REE has developed the P7.C to be configurable in different body styles to suit the customer’s needs.

REE P7.C Inline 3
REE P7.C Inline 5

Speaking more on the truck’s power, the juice comes from what REE calls a "large-capacity" lithium-ion battery pack snugly fitted into the frame. It powers up four separate motors—one for each wheel—to get things moving. To make the truck more maneuverable, the P7.C has four-wheel steering paired with its all-wheel drive system. Information on whether it can crabwalk like Hyundai’s e-Corner system is yet to be seen though. 

Seeing as how electrified commercial vehicles are only starting to trickle in the Philippines, it’s safe to say that trucks like the P7.C with full by-wire systems are a ways away. Truck companies like Foton and Yutong are making moves in this area though, with the introduction of electric light-duty trucks in the form of the Foton Tornado EV and the Yutong T5 EV. Here's to hoping that in the next few years, other manufacturers in the country jump on the electric truck bandwagon too.

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