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Could these all-electric trucks usher in the commercial EV revolution?

Zeus Electric Chassis is building radical-looking electric trucks.

TruckDeal TruckDeal on Oct 27, 2021
Zeus Electric Chassis

Is the world ready for an all-electric work truck? Zeus Electric Chassis, a Minneapolis-based startup, isn't waiting to find out the answer. Instead, it's going all out to introduce vehicles that could change the trucking industry as we know it.

Automakers like Tesla are proven pioneers of electric vehicles (EVs). The Elon Musk-led company even has plans to introduce a semi-truck in 2022. However, we can't deny that car manufacturers haven't made as much of an effort to electrify trucks as they've done so with passenger cars.

Perhaps to truly make a dent in the trucking industry, we need companies that cater to work trucks specifically. That's what Zeus promises to be, and it looks ready to back up its lofty ambitions. The fledgling startup has partnered with EAVX to bring an electrified truck lineup to the market.

Zeus Electric Chassis

EAVX will reportedly bring its expertise in commercial truck body applications. In addition to its experience with commercial and utility truck bodies, it also has cargo management systems. All of these will integrate into an electric cab chassis built by Zeus.

The partnership will see two models enter the market. The first is the Zeus Z-19, a Class 5 truck with no more than 19,500 lb. of gross vehicle weight (GVW). The second is the Zeus Z-22, a Class 6 vehicle with up to 22,300 of GVW.

Zeus Electric Chassis

If Zeus fulfills its promises, its burgeoning lineup could eventually outperform even diesel-powered trucks. Of course, that could be a long way down the line, but this proves that the company sees a future wherein our trucks no longer come with engines.

The company will have to overcome many hurdles to make its trucks a viable option for commercial applications. Its competitors, including Tesla, are threatening to come out with their own models. It will only be a matter of time until we find out who comes on top, and what tomorrow's electric trucks will look like.

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