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Hyundai Asia Resources CV hailed as Best in After-sales Operations 2020

Hyundai is going through some smooth paved roads this year.

TruckDeal TruckDeal on Sep 01, 2020
Hyundai Asia Resources CV hailed as Best in After-sales Operations 2020

Hyundai Asia Resources (HARI) Commercial Vehicles (CV), earned the title of ‘Best in After-sales Operations 2020’. The award was given respectively by its parent company, Hyundai Motor Company.

Notably, this prestigious title was earned by HARI CV for the third straight year already, as it stands out among the rest of over 50 Hyundai Trucks and Buses distributors worldwide. Going further, this award covers several factors, the systematic criteria were actually composed of service operations, warranty, quality information rating, network coverage, quality of technicians, and parts.

Hyundai Asia Resources CV hailed as Best in After-sales Operations 2020

Apart from that, HARI CV also got the ‘Hyundai Customer Index Top Score 2020’. The award was motivated by such impressive figures, with the local distributor having a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 91 out of 100 or a 44% higher than the worldwide network average.

Indeed, this is quite a milestone for HARI CV. The roads for the brand remain well-paved all thanks to its consistent dedication and excellence which equates to several awards and recognitions.

We are truly honored to receive these awards, especially during these trying times, since they highlight HARI’s promise to meet and exceed customer expectations. More importantly, it confirms that Filipino customer service, ingenuity and malasakit are a cut above the rest. This is a win we should all be proud of.

Those achievements shall serve as firm motivations for the brand, in fact, HARI CV has become quite strategic during this ‘new normal’, with it launching new programs which aim to empower the confidence of its customers during this amidst pandemic, which includes the Hyundai Guidelines for Protection and Safety (GPS) and the Hyundai ARMOR (Active Response, Management, Operations, and Resumption) program. Moreover, the Call For Service Inspection (CSI) is still available up until now, wherein service personnel will go directly to the customer in order to perform the needed maintenance process for the Hyundai truck or bus.

Hyundai COVID-ready commercial vehicles

Given its high-regard for safety, the brand was actually the first one to launch COVID-ready commercial vehicles last May, featuring contactless payment, individualized seating, dividers, and holders for sanitation supplies. The following vehicles utilized were the HD- 36 medium truck and the HD-50S Modern Jeepney Class-2.

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