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Hyundai showcases its hydrogen trucks at ACT Expo in the US

The truck maker has displayed its model in the hopes that it could be the next evolutionary step in the trucking industry.

Joey Deriquito Joey Deriquito on May 16, 2022
Hyundai Xcient hydrogen fuel cell

Hyundai Motor Company is steadfast in its goal to expand its commercial vehicle market in the US. The South Korean truck maker plans to push its Hyundai Xcient Fuel Cell Trucks to the forefront of trucking in the US at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo.

The ACT expo holds a big significance for the South Korean truck maker as it is the world’s largest advanced transportation technology and clean fleet event. In 2023 Hyundai plans to deploy 30 class 8 6x4 Xcient Fuel Cell heavy-duty tractors at the Port of Oakland in California as part of its Zero-Emissions Regional Truck Operations with Fuel Cell Electric Truck Initiative.

The company has also participated in the Hydrogen Workshop panel discussion at the conference with the theme of "Coming Around the Corner, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles.” At this event, the panelists discussed the challenges and potential hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles might face in the market as well as the policies and business plans that could form around them. To further emphasize the importance of these trucks, the Senior Vice President of Commercial Vehicle Vehicle Business Innovation head of Hyundai Motor Company Mark Freymueller talked with the other panelists about the company's sustainable mobility solutions and business cases.

Our ultimate goal is to fight climate change and build a sustainable future. We are running out of time to limit global warming. We believe that there is no way around hydrogen to realize the energy transition towards renewables. And among others, it also offers already today a practical and viable solution to decarbonize the heavy-duty commercial vehicle sector providing excellent drive range, payloads and refueling time on our trucks

With hydrogen fuel cell technology becoming a big thing for Hyundai, it sees it as the clean energy solution for the new age of commercial vehicles. These include vocational trucks that require a lot of energy. Hydrogen is a high-density energy carrier that enables fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) to deliver long-term energy output suited for long-distance driving and transporting big loads.

When compared to Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), hydrogen fuel cells come with the advantage of faster refueling times and fuel cell interchangeability. This means that these vehicles can easily be refueled, minimizing downtime. 

With this technology slowly becoming popular around the world, it is only a matter of time before it reaches the Philippine market. If you want to know more about Hyundai’s plans for the future make sure to stay tuned to our website as we give you the latest news and deals in the local trucking industry. 

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