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Hyundai Philippines turns over 32 modern PUVs to a local transport cooperative

Expect to see more modern PUV models come out of Hyundai Philippines soon.

TruckDeal TruckDeal on Nov 08, 2021
Hyundai Modern PUV

Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. (HARI) has recently turned over 32 units of the HD50S modern PUV Class vehicles to NOVADECI Transport Service Cooperative through its Hyundai Trucks and Buses Commonwealth dealership. The transport service cooperative is a subsidiary of the Novaliches Development Cooperative that seeks to modernize its fleet of vehicles. With the turnover complete, it formalizes the cooperative’s commitment to contribute to the nation’s agenda in improving public transport services for commuters. 

Ilan sa mga lubos na naapektuhan ang sector ng transportasyon pero heto ang NOVADECI, nakahanap ng paraan para tugunan ang pangangailangan ng mga kasaping drayber.

(Even though the transportation sector has been quite affected by the pandemic, the NOVADECI is here, finding solutions to fulfill the needs of the drivers.)

Belmonte continues by stating that the new jeeps are fully compliant with the Philippine National Standards and are within specifications for the PUV modernization program according to the Department of Transportation. She continues by stating that with the new more modern vehicles, the drivers will not only earn more income, but it will also ensure that the environment is protected as well, because of this we believe that these new jeepney units will be good for long term use. 

With the success of this turnover and with the launch of its new HD48 GT modern PUV, HARI is confident that its latest addition to its lineup will help give the truck and automaker success in the transport sector. The automotive brand has already seen a significant increase in market share in the commercial vehicle industry thanks to transport cooperatives that have chosen Hyundai as their partner brand. With that said, we can expect to see more modern PUVs hit the market soon making it easier for transport companies to pick and choose which models will best suit their needs as well as their budgets. 

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