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Volvo Trucks Philippines to launch a new series of trucks this month

The Swedish truck maker looks to improve its lineup of vehicles in the country.

TruckDeal TruckDeal on Sep 20, 2021
Volvo Philippines to launch a new series of trucks this month

Volvo Trucks Philippines has announced through one local distributor, Prime Quest Transport Solutions, Inc. that it will soon be launching four new trucks into the local truck market. While not a lot about these vehicles is known, what can be seen based on the teaser image is that they could be updated versions of the FH16, FH, and FM models. This is evident in the V-shaped headlights that brandish most of the truck maker’s available models in the Philippines. 

Other information that we can decipher from the teaser image is that two of the models will be equipped with a narrow cab layout while the other two trucks will have a slightly wider cab. It is also possible that some of the models to be launched will come with a sleeper cab layout, however, this still remains to be unconfirmed. With that in mind, this could indicate at least two of the models could classify as medium-duty vehicles, while the rest will be under the heavy-duty category due to the silhouette and size of their cab designs.

Configuration options for the trucks that will soon be launched are still unknown, however, a 6-wheeler or 8-wheeler layout could be the possible layout for all four vehicles. Another speculation is that at least two of the models could be tractor heads while the rest are standard long-wheelbase trucks. Engine options also remain a mystery, but we do expect there to be big diesel power available for all of these vehicles.

Pricing still remains unknown for the upcoming models, but we expect it to be well within the millions as these trucks are known to come with a great number of safety features and other convenience features that help make driving the vehicle much easier. For now, we will just have to wait and see what Volvo Philippines has in store when it launches these new vehicles into the country. 

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