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Daimler trucks test its GenH2 liquid hydrogen fuel-cell truck

According to their testing liquid hydrogen seems to be the more space-efficient fuel solution.

Joey Deriquito Joey Deriquito on Jul 06, 2022
Mercedes Benz hydrogen truck

Daimler Trucks the owners of Mercedes Benz trucks is on its way to its next milestone of achieving sustainable transportation with its hydrogen-based drives. Since 2021, the Mercedes Benz GenH2 fuel-cell prototype has undergone intensive testing both in-house at the brand’s test track and on public roads to determine its feasibility and iron out any kinks in the design. This time around, a second prototype has been made to test the feasibility of liquid hydrogen as a fuel source. Its testing was done in Worth am Rhein in Germany.

To further expedite the process of testing their new hydrogen fuel truck prototypes, Daimler has installed a prototype refueling station at their test facility. There, cryogenic liquid hydrogen is used to fill up the truck’s tanks and is kept at temperature thanks to the great insulation found inside the tank itself.

Daimler states that it prefers liquid hydrogen in its development of hydrogen fuel-based drives as it carries a significantly higher energy density concerning the volume it uses up compared to gaseous hydrogen. As a result, more hydrogen can be carried around which helps extend the range of the vehicle and gives it comparable performance to that of a traditional diesel truck

The development objective of the series-ready GenH2 is to give it a range of up to 1,000 kilometers and more on a full tank. With this goal in mind, it will make the truck suitable for flexible and demanding applications, especially in the heavy-duty long-haul transport segment.

While hydrogen fuel-cell and hydrogen trucks are still under development, they could be the answer to the dwindling amount of fossil fuels we have left in the world. Once they hit production they could prove to be game-changers in the transport industry, especially with the limitations that electric trucks have on them thanks to their battery packs.

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