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eCanter in Hong Kong: Mitsubishi reveals Electric Fuso truck in Hong Kong

Mitsubishi is turning up the voltage in Hong Kong as it launches Mitsubishi's new-generation eCanter electric truck

Shaynah Miranda Shaynah Miranda on Mar 11, 2024
Mitsubishi Fuso’s new electric eCanter truck makes its debut in Hong Kong.

Mitsubishi's subsidiary, Mitsubishi Fuso Bus and Truck Corp, just launched their new electric truck, the eCanter, in Hong Kong, and yes, this is the first time they've brought out a new Fuso model in Asia outside Japan. 

The eCanter is Mitsubishi Fuso's latest electric offering, following their departure from the US market in 2020. Despite leaving the US, they've maintained a strong presence in other markets with their medium-duty box trucks.

The eCanter comes in three sizes - S, M, and L, with different battery options, and you get to pick from seven variants. They cover a range of weights from 5 to 8.55 tons. The truck isn't the fastest, with a max speed of 55 mph, but you can definitely rely on its power! The electric axle provides enough power for the truck to tackle 20% grade slopes fully loaded, which is quite impressive for a truck of this kind.

Each model comes with features like Active Sideguard Assist 1.0 and Active Attention Assist, which are important for keeping drivers and pedestrians safe, especially in crowded places like Hong Kong. There are also features for fleets, like driver safety ratings, energy management software, and geofencing.

What's more, the eCanter is easy for upfitters to work with, thanks to its motorized ePTO under the cab. The setup can power the same hydraulic pumps and refrigeration compressors as diesel trucks without needing any changes, making the eCanter a convenient option for existing fleets.

To support the adoption of electric vehicles, the Hong Kong government has established a $1.1 billion (HKD) fund to encourage the integration of commercial electric vans and trucks into existing fleets. The eCanter is likely to benefit from this subsidy. It's kind of a shame we won't see it in the Philippines, but hey, we might, right? If you are interested in buying trucks in the Philippines, visit TruckDeal to learn more about the possible options.

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