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Foton hits 10,000,000 unit sales globally

10,000,000 Foton units have been sold in the world.

Earl Lee Earl Lee on May 04, 2021
Foton 10 Million units

Foton Philippines has posted that it has reached a global market milestone, reaching a global sales figure of 10,000,0000 units. Foton also states that its millions of units in the market can be found in multiple industries spanning many uses depending on the customer’s needs. 

Providing mobility solutions with our FOTON units for more than a decade, we’re confident in offering our vehicles’ world-class technology and wide breadth of capabilities that suit an even broader range of transportation needs for companies, businesses, government units, or families. We are proud to have become one of the trusted commercial vehicle partners in the country.

Foton exhibits trademark and proven toughness and is reflected in the product lineup FMPI has for the Philippine market. From the F-Jeep to the TM 300 and its many different body configurations, the brand has a strong offering for small business owners and public utility vehicle operators. For larger companies and more arduous applications, the Tornado series of trucks are more capable with the series dominating the 3rd place spot for the bestselling brand in the light-duty truck segment. 

In total, Foton has been in the Philippines for a total of 15 years. The marque has grown significantly since its introduction in 2006. From its humble origins until today, FMPI celebrates its global milestone of 10,000,000 units with all of Foton Motor, which was founded on August 28, 1996. Getting its start with heavy-duty trucks, the brand has since evolved into a multi-faceted company making everything from commercial vehicles to passenger vehicles. On top of that, the company also creates busses and other public transport vehicles that are tailored to the region they’re being sold in. 

To this day, the brand remains a strong player in the commercial vehicle segment, and as stated, is one of the more popular brands out in the Philippine market today. 

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