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Geely is working on a Tesla-rivalling semi truck

It’s called the Homtruck, and it could be available in 2024.

TruckDeal TruckDeal on Nov 10, 2021
Geely Farizon Homtruck

Geely could be setting up an electric truck rivalry for the ages with its new semi-truck, called the Homtruck. The upcoming model will likely go against American EV giant Tesla's own Semi, which could start production in 2023.

The Homtruck comes from Farizon Auto, a subsidiary of Geely. The semi-truck reportedly features a highly modular architecture that can accommodate a variety of powertrain options. These include a methanol hybrid option and an all-electric variant with a battery swapping option.

Geely is sparing no expense to produce a semi-truck that can dominate on a global scale. The Chinese company has come up with hardware and software innovations to bolster the Homtruck's capabilities. The semi-truck can reportedly access big data platforms to parse orders in real-time and track deliveries on the go.

More than that, the Homtruck features sensors that can analyze real-time traffic data and change route recommendations as needed. An energy management system will also be available, ensuring a range that can keep up with any business. 

Geely Farizon Homtruck
Geely Farizon Homtruck

The Farizon Homtruck also gets cutting-edge features like lidar, ultrasonic radar, millimeter-wave radar, and 5G. The semi-truck packs a Level 4 autonomous driver-assistance system for highly advanced autonomous driving.

Apart from the innovative features, the Homtruck also keeps the driver's comfort at the forefront. The semi-truck includes a living area with a bathroom, bed, refrigerator, kitchen, and washing machine. It seems that Geely has thought of everything, but can this new model better Tesla's offering?

That remains to be seen. Geely and Farizon are targeting a 2024 launch for the Homtruck. The semi-truck could be available in markets like Europe, North America, Japan, Korea, and of course, China. With the state of our infrastructure and logistics industry, it could be a long time before the Homtruck finds itself in the Philippines. An optimistic outlook would put a local release before the end of the decade, but that is only pure speculation.

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