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Hino Motors creates a special investigation committee for false engine certification

The truck maker is already resolving the issue with the N04C light-duty engine which had issues with certification.

Joey Deriquito Joey Deriquito on Mar 14, 2022
Hino Motors

Hino Motors has recently announced that it has identified the past misconduct that happened with regards to its applications for certification concerning the emissions and fuel economy performance of its engines for the Japanese market. To resolve this issue, the truck maker has established a special investigation committee that is composed of outside legal experts and an outside legal expert with technical knowledge. 

The truck maker has stated in its press release dated March 4, 2022, that it has already identified the issue with the falsification of engine performance data in its emission durability testing for the A05C medium-duty engine. This is with reference to the measurement of fuel economy performance in certification tests for two heavy-duty models, the A09C and the E13C. Hino has confirmed that these motors have problems with their performance. With that in mind, the truck maker has also announced that it will suspend the sale of these three engine models along with their corresponding models for the Japanese market. 

In addition to this, Hino has also found issues with the fuel economy performance of its N04C light-duty engine. However, there was no misconduct in relation to the certification or testing of this engine found.

To resolve this issue, Hino has reported the issues of these affected engines to the Japanese Ministry of Land Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, and Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. The truck maker deeply apologizes for any inconvenience it may have caused to its customers and other stakeholders. The company also states that it will fully cooperate with the investigation that will be done by the special investigation committee.

For now, it seems as though it be a waiting game to find out what exactly went wrong and why the engines were falsely certified as the investigation is still ongoing. Hino Philippines has yet to release an official report with regards to the Hino global press release to update customers who might have trucks that have the aforementioned engines. We will update you with more information as soon as it comes out.

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