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Hino Motors Philippines introduces 'Hino Insure' program

Hino and Standard Insurance will cover trucks and buses with a special comprehensive package.

TruckDeal TruckDeal on Sep 29, 2021
Hino Insure

Hino truck and bus owners in the Philippines will soon have another insurance option, this time from the company itself. Hino Motors Philippines (HMP), which exclusively manufactures and distributes the brand's vehicles locally, has announced a partnership with Standard Insurance.

Dubbed as "Hino Insure," the program aims to provide full support for the company's customers. The partnership with Standard will allow Hino truck and bus owners to avail themselves of a specially designed insurance package. The package will include roadside assistance and a streamlined claims processing system. More than that, customers will be able to save on repairs at Hino dealerships. 

Hino Insure will provide comprehensive coverage for damage or loss caused by collision, self-ignition, lightning, malicious damage, and theft. Coverage against acts of nature will also be available. With this option, Hino will restore an insured truck to its original running condition if it sustains damage due to a natural disaster. These include damage caused by flooding, typhoons, earthquakes, and other natural phenomena. 

Truck and bus owners can also rest easy with Hino Insure. The program will protect them from medical and hospital bills to treat injuries of the driver, passengers, pedestrians, and third parties. If an accident involves a third party, Hino Insure will also cover repair costs for the damaged vehicle. 

Hino Insure's comprehensive insurance package will be available at all Hino dealerships in the Philippines. The brand's truck and bus models are eligible for insurance. Interested customers can contact their local dealership to discuss insurance options with the company. With Hino's latest partnership with Standard Insurance, truck and bus owners can rest easy knowing their commercial vehicles are safe and protected.

We believe that with this new partnership with Standard Insurance, we can continue to provide our customers not just our excellent vehicles and services, but also the peace of mind from having a secure and continuous business operation.

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