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Hyundai Trucks and Buses Philippines launches its BiyaHenyo Caravan

To further increase its growing business mobility opportunities for Filipinos, Hyundai Trucks and Buses has created the BiyaHenyo roadshow to showcase its latest offerings.

Joey Deriquito Joey Deriquito on Feb 21, 2022
Hyundai BiyaHenyon

In order to start the year off strong, Hyundai Asian Resources, Inc. (HARI)  which is in charge of the Hyundai Trucks and Buses segment of the South Korean brand has launched its BiyaHenyo Caravan. It is a nationwide dealer-based roadshow series that features the brand’s latest offerings in the commercial vehicle market with the Hyundai HD48 GT modern PUV being in the headliner for the event.

The roadshow will showcase the smart benefits you can get by owning and operating the HD48 GT along with other commercial vehicles that dealerships will have on display.

HARI states that for this event, health guidelines and protocols will still be observed to ensure everyone’s safety at the commercial vehicle dealerships. 

There is a smartrepreneur in every Filipino and we want to bring out the best of it.

She continues by stating that “The BiyaHenyo Caravan is our way of helping our transport smartrepreneurs position themselves for greater productivity and profitability to benefit, not only their businesses but society as a whole because our progress depends on mobility.”

As for why the HD48 GT was chosen to be the star of the roadshow, HARI says that it ticks all the boxes to meet the demands of the transport industry. Aside from this, it is also one of the sales driver models of the Bus and Truck maker making it a popular choice for those who need a modern PUV for their transportation needs. The HD48 GT also completes the South Korean brand’s powerhouse lineup of mass transportation models which are known for their comfort, efficiency, reliability, and safety. 

If you want to know more about the Hyundai BiyaHenyo Caravan and the HD48 GT make sure to check out Hyundai Trucks and Buses' official Facebook page for more details and the schedule of the tour.

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