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Isuzu UK proves that the Isuzu Grafter is ready tanker business needs

Isuzu UK gives you several reasons why Grafter should be your next vehicle for your fluid transportation needs.

Joey Deriquito Joey Deriquito on Mar 21, 2022
Isuzu Grafter

For the uninitiated, the Isuzu Grafter is a derivative of the N-Series but for the United Kingdom market. That being said, the Japanese truck maker has proven this platform’s reliability and adaptability through a partnership with Challenger Site Services (CSS).

CSS recently took delivery of a total of 10 3.5-ton Grafters, all of which are currently being used as part of the businesses’ 26-strong fleet of delivery and collection service tanker vehicles. Over the past 12 months, the company has added seven more Isuzu Grafters to its fleet and more are soon set to follow. These Grafter models all come with the brand’s popular EasyShift automatic gearbox option that makes it easier to drive the vehicle. 

Part of the fleet of ten is two special Grafter models that are based on the N35 125TA short-wheelbase chassis. These trucks come fitted with a GK&N Services Tanker body. The bespoke tanker bodies feature a single barrel design with dividing bafflers that allows the body to hold either 1,100 liters of waste or 900 of freshwater, safely within the same tube.

The third model that is also part of the fleet is a longer wheelbase version of the N35 125TA. It comes fitted with a toilet transport body that was manufactured by Fosters Commercials, which is capable of carrying six individual portable toilet cubicles.

The trucks servicing our portable toilet division are worked really hard as we have over 1500 individual site visits to complete every week. We have found that the Isuzu Grafter is a more robust and solid truck, which is very reliable in service. The short wheelbase Grafter in particular gives us excellent access at the smaller, more compact building sites, which is enormous help for when these tanker trucks are servicing our portable toilets.

While the Grafter name isn’t available in the Philippine market, the N-Series of trucks are and they are all ready to be your new business partner. These trucks can be adapted to your business-specific needs and come with an array of body options to choose from. 

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