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UD Trucks launches new Euro 5 truck range

The Croner and Quester now come with more fuel-efficient technology within their engines

TruckDeal TruckDeal on Oct 04, 2021
UD Trucks launches new Euro 5 truck range

UD Trucks has unveiled its new line of Euro 5 compliant lineup of trucks for its Quester heavy-duty to its Croner medium-duty line of vehicles. The upgrade not only boasts better environmental standards but it also comes with enhanced features that improve uptime, efficiency, as well as helps optimize the cost of ownership all while retaining the same benefits from the previous models.

The new Euro 5 range of trucks will be introduced into the fast-growing emerging regions around the world that are moving to keep pace with the more stringent emission standards. Other regions can also expect to see these new more environmentally friendly engines come to their markets ahead of the implementation of the new Euro 5 standards. This also allows owners to prepare their business for the switch to a much cleaner fleet of trucks.

The latest lineup of cleaner trucks also comes with the brand’s Better Life purpose – to be better for logistics, for the planet,  for the people, and business. The new Euro 5 lineup also comes with Better Life drives that help makes the operation of these vehicles more sustainable across all of your company’s operations and processes. The new engine technology will supposedly not only make your business operate more efficiently but will also help lower your environmental impact, increase customer satisfaction, increase profitability, and help make your place of operations a better place for people to work and live.

At the heart of this new more efficient and environmentally friendly technology is UD Truck’s Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) which has been around since 2004 and has proven to be more reliable when compared to other emission control technologies in reducing NOx emissions. 

Aside from the new Euro 5 technology, the new range of Quester and Croner trucks now have a new instrument cluster that features real-time fuel coaching. This further enhances the fuel economy of the trucks as it provides the driver with immediate and specific feedback on more fuel-efficient driving techniques. 

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