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Fuso delivers eight FJ 2528R units to partner Producers Connection Logistics, Inc.

These sturdy new additions to PCL’s fleet will allow the company to keep up with customer demands.

Jerome Tresvalles Jerome Tresvalles on Sep 13, 2023
Fuso PCL FJ Trucks

Sojitz Fuso Philippines Corporation (SFP), a leading distributor of brand-new trucks and buses in the Philippines under the FUSO brand, has deepened its collaboration with Producers Connection Logistics, Inc. (PCL).

On September 11, PCL continued its efforts to bolster its vehicle fleet with the acquisition of eight new Fuso FJ 2528R trucks. This move reinforces PCL's dedication to enhancing the efficiency of its business operations, enabling it to respond more effectively to customer demands and continue to provide a high standard of services. Back on March 18, 2022, through the assistance of 1Dynamix Automotive, Inc. PCL took delivery of the first batch of FJ 2528R trucks for their initial fleet of vehicles. Now, with this latest delivery, PCL now has a total of 15 FJ 2528R trucks mobilizing the business.

Founded in 2003, PCL has placed its primary emphasis on meeting the escalating need for dependable logistics services, ensuring the resilience and consistency of businesses. PCL has expanded its Contract Warehousing and Logistics capabilities through well-devised strategic initiatives, enabling its clients to effectively reduce expenses. These endeavors involve the proficient management of assets and labor, heightened adaptability, and diminished capital outlay in assets. In this collaborative venture, SFP's objective is to enhance the operational efficiency of PCL and its extensive network.

“Our operation is continuously evolving to adapt to the needs of our customers. We are now entering this new phase of our operation as we run our own fleet of trucks. We believe that we chose the right business partner and truck brand that will help us achieve our objective and vision given its known reliability and superior performance.”
Sojitz Fuso Philippines PCL Inline

As for the newest addition to the PCL fleet, the Fuso FJ is equipped with an inline-six, 6.4-liter turbocharged diesel engine, with an output of 280 horsepower and an impressive 1,120 Nm of torque. This power is efficiently channeled to the rear wheels via a nine-speed synchromesh manual transmission. The suspension system comprises a semi-elliptic design with auxiliary springs both at the front and rear, ensuring optimal ride comfort and stability. All this means that long, harsh, and sustained travel with heavy cargo is not a problem for the FJ 2528R.

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