2024 Fuso FJ 2528R Cargo Long 32 ft


Fuso FJ 2528R Cargo Long 32 ft Overview

The Fuso FJ in the Philippines serves as the Japanese brand’s other option for those looking for a medium or heavy-duty truck. It comes in the form of either a 6-wheeler or 10-wheel configuration with a length of 27 feet or 32 feet respectively. Its gross vehicle weight varies from variant to variant, however, it ranges from 18 to 25 tons. The truck can be had in either cargo or construction-oriented variations. It comes with a payload capacity of between 11,625 kg to 18,000 kg depending on the variant.

The Fuso FJ 2528R is available in a 10-wheeler configuration with a wheelbase of 6,375 mm. The heavy-duty truck has an overall length of 11,967 mm, an overall width of 2,490 mm, and an overall height of 2,905 mm. Its payload capacity stands at 17,322 kg and the gross vehicle weight is 25,000 kg.

The Fuso FJ comes powered by an inline-six 6.4-liter turbocharged diesel engine that produces 280 hp and 1,120 Nm of torque. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a 9-speed synchromesh manual transmission. The truck as standard comes with reverse Elliot axles at the front and a fully floating axle at the rear. The suspension comes in the form of semi-elliptic with auxiliary springs at the front and semi-elliptic with auxiliary springs at the rear. The truck also comes with Tandem Bogie and anti-roll bar suspension at the back.

Feature-wise, the heavy-duty truck comes with a multi-adjustable air pressure driver’s seat along with a tilt and telescopic adjustable steering wheel to give the driver an optimum driving position. The Fuso FI 1823R also comes with cruise control as well as power windows adding further convenience for the driver. On top of this, it also comes with ABS and a differential lock buzzer to inform the driver of the vehicle’s differential lock position. Other notable features include an intelligent meter cluster and daytime running lights.

Fuso FJ 2528R Cargo Long 32 ft Variant and Pricelist

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