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The Hino 300 Ref Van is the pinnacle of Japanese engineering

This light-duty refrigerated truck combines technologies from three Japanese firms.

TruckDeal TruckDeal on Oct 20, 2021
Hino 300 Ref Van

There has been an increasing demand for refrigerated vans worldwide. The cold chain industry involves refrigerated production, storage, logistics, and distribution activities. In the Philippines, this industry is projected to grow by 10% over the coming years. It could be why Hino and two other Japanese firms have brought their respective expertise together to produce the 300 Ref Van.

The Hino 300 Ref Van will provide a versatile transport solution for refrigerated products from the first mile to the last. The light-duty truck will be available in either a 10-foot or 11-foot Japanese Cooltech ref van body provided by Centro Nippon Fruehauf (CFCI). Air conditioning duties are taken care of by a Japanese Denso DS2 cooling system, which can chill or freeze cargo, depending on need.

Hino expects the 300 Ref Van to be a game-changer in the cold chain industry. There's an apparent need for a reliable and well-constructed light-duty ref van model, and the company aims to meet it. The Japanese truck maker promises to offer a one-stop solution for servicing the truck's body and refrigerated system at Hino dealerships nationwide.

Japanese vehicles have long had a local reputation for durability. Filipinos are quick to embrace cars and trucks that come from the Land of the Rising Sun, and rightly so. Japanese design and engineering have advanced to be among the world's best in a relatively short time. 

With the latest Hino 300 Ref Van, customers in the domestic cold chain industry now have an attractive option to augment their refrigerated logistics needs. Interested customers can now head to their local Hino dealership to learn more about this light-duty truck. 

If this new model proves successful, Hino could bring more state-of-the-art trucks into the local scene. Consequently, many more businesses could be presented with an opportunity to enter the growing cold chain industry.

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