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Hino Philippines launches its new Hino 500 FL 10-wheeler truck

The new truck comes to the local market with an impressive payload and hauling capabilities.

TruckDeal TruckDeal on Jun 25, 2020
Hino 500 FL 10-wheeler

Hino Motors Philippines (HMP), the exclusive distributor of Hino trucks in the country has just launched a new truck in the form of the Hino FL 10-wheeler. The Japanese brand launched the all-new truck via an online reveal event that was live-streamed on Facebook. The new FL 10-wheeler according to Hino is designed to set a new standard for medium-duty trucks with its improved safety, comfort, and optimum fuel economy. The brand further states that with all of these characteristics the FL 10-wheeler is ready to take on the various needs of the Filipino truck buyer nationwide.

Power and Payload

The new Hino 500 truck the FL8J comes to the local market with a load capacity of up to 18,620 kg and with a total gross vehicle weight of 26,000 kg. Giving it the power to meet your cargo needs the Japanese truck comes equipped with a 6-cylinder Euro 4 compliant motor that makes 276hp and comes with greater cooling capabilities as well as improved fuel efficiency. With its 6-cylinder motor, the truck makes 824 Nm of torque ready to meet your logistical needs.

The truck comes standard with a 9-speed manual transmission system and has a 320-liter fuel capacity. Even while fully loaded and at a 40.4% grade the Hino FL series of trucks can hit a top speed of 108 kph at 2,600rpm. This not only showcases the truck’s power but its ability to haul even while at its legal load limit.


Giving the new Hino 500 FL 10-wheeler its stopping power is a full-air dual circuit brake system that comes with ABS. On top of this, the truck also features a leading and trailing shoe brake system that comes with an auto brake shoe adjust and an air-operated spring brake to assist during parking. Together these features not only make it easier for the truck to stop, but it also lends a helping hand when the vehicle needs to be parked.

Adding to its list of safety features the FL 10-wheeler also comes with the truck maker's Easy Start (ES) technology which assists the driver in safely maneuvering the vehicle on steep inclines. It does this by maintaining a braking force that prevents the truck from rolling backward. The ES system also reduces fatigue on the driver by letting them rest their feet off the brake pedals and automatically releasing the brakes once the clutch is engaged. The feature also works both for forward and reverse maneuvers. 


The Hino 500 series FL 10-wheeler truck also comes with an easy to adjust seat suspension system that is designed to give the driver a smooth and safe ride along with the bonus of helping prevent back injuries. The truck also features an air condition system, power windows, and power doors that make the truck easy to use and comfortable for the driver.


The all-new Hino 500 FL 10-wheeler truck is now available at the Japanese brand’s 21 dealerships nationwide with a starting price of P3,775,000 for the 32ft body.

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