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Pontransco adds 10 more Fuso PUVs to its expanding fleet

Ten more Fuso Canter Commute Class 2 units will ply the roads of Cagayan de Oro City.

Jerome Tresvalles Jerome Tresvalles on Oct 06, 2023
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Just before the month of September ended, Sojitz Fuso Philippines Corporation (SFP) and Fast Autoworld Philippines Corporation (FAPC) – Fuso Cagayan de Oro successfully handed over an additional 10 units of the Fuso Canter Commute Class 2 Modern Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) to esteemed partners PN Roa Canitoan Transport Cooperative (PONTRANSCO).

In the year 2021, as part of their PUV modernization efforts, PONTRANSCO the very first PUV to fill the fleet of the transport cooperative was the Fuso Class 2 PUV. According to PONTRANSCO, the preference for Fuso vehicles was rooted in the brand's established reputation for reliability and performance. This collaborative partnership led to a shared commitment to provide robust, comfortable, and safe transportation solutions for the riding public. This commitment ensures that commuters enjoy the highest quality transportation experience, bringing satisfaction to both businesses and fostering success.

“The addition of these new vehicles to PONTRANSCO not only enhances our operational capacity but also reflects our continuous commitment to providing the highest level of quality products and services to our valued customers.”
SFP and Pontransco Turn Over Inline 1

PONTRANSCO officially deployed the FUSO Canter Commute Modern PUVs on the Bayabas and Cogon Market routes in Cagayan de Oro City. Ms. Luzminda Escobidal, the Manager of PONTRANSCO, mentioned that this new route from Barangay Bayabas to Cogon Public Market marks their second route, following the PN Roa Calaanan-Relocation-Cogon Public Market route and vice versa.

These Class 2 public utility vehicles, known for their dependable quality, can comfortably accommodate 20 passengers in side-facing seats, with an additional capacity for 10 standing passengers. Moreover, for passenger comfort, they are equipped with overhead air-conditioning vents that ensure even distribution of airflow within the interior. A welcome addition to provide relief against the sweltering heat that Filipino commuters regularly experience

Fuso and Potransco Turn Over ceremony inline 2

In addition to having modern comfort features, the FUSO Modern PUV fully adheres to the stipulated criteria outlined in the Philippine National Standards. Ensuring not only the safety of passengers but also enhancing the overall convenience of commuting.

Ms. Nolyn Mae De Guzman, Assistant Manager for SFP Marketing, expressed the commitment of FUSO to support the PUV modernization program by consistently providing high-quality vehicles to enhance our public transportation system. She added, "We are committed to the continuous improvement of our products for the benefit of our trusted business partner, our customers.”

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