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SFP’s Cruise Minibus meets Philippine national standards

On the right track: SFP’s Cruise Minibus aligns with national vehicle standards for safety and quality.

Shaynah Miranda Shaynah Miranda on Mar 25, 2024
cruise minibus

Leading the convoy in industry standards, Sojitz Fuso Philippines Corporation (SFP) recently shared exciting news about their Cruise Minibus. It's now the first vehicle that meets the new Philippine National Standards (PNS 2160:2021) for Public Utility Vehicles – Minibus Dimensions. Due to this, it has become quite clear that aside from providing good quality commercial vehicles, SFP also provides safe and user-friendly vehicles for everyone in the Philippines.

Mr. Yosuke Nishi, the President and CEO of Sojitz Fuso Philippines Corporation, expressed pride in the said accomplishment. He mentioned that the compliance of the Cruise Minibus with the Department of Transportation and Bureau of Philippine Standards regulations reflects SFP's dedication to innovation.

"We are thrilled to announce that SFP's Minibus has successfully met the requirements set by the Department of Transportation and Bureau of Philippine Standards. With our mission of contributing to the drive for development and betterment of living in the Philippines, we are extending our dedication to innovation and continuously strive to meet the evolving needs of our valued customers. This milestone reflects our commitment to provide safe, convenient, and dependable public or even private vehicles to our customers."

The Cruise Minibus available in the Philippine market has a 4P10 3.0L engine, giving it a power of 150 Ps and a torque of 370 Nm. The power is controlled through a five-speed manual transmission, making driving really smooth. You can say it's a big vehicle with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 8,550 kg and has enough seats for 35 passengers plus the driver, arranged in rows of two seats each, side by side. In terms of size, it's quite spacious - it's 8,645 mm long, 2,250 mm wide, and 3,500 mm tall, giving passengers and their stuff plenty of space.


The Cruise Minibus is now up for grabs in the Philippines. If you want to be among the first ones to get their hands on this commercial vehicle, feel free to visit TruckDeal and get a quote for the vehicle of your choice. 

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