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Volvo achieves Australia’s longest electric Truck trek from Brisbane to Canberra

A Volvo FH Electric Heavy-Duty truck has completed a grueling 1,185 km trek over in the land down under.

Jerome Tresvalles Jerome Tresvalles on Nov 10, 2023
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Volvo Trucks Australia recently completed the longest-ever electric truck journey in Australia, covering an impressive 1,185 kilometers as the FH Electric made its way from Brisbane to Canberra. 

At the end of its journey, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) police, the Minister for Emergency Services, Mick Gentleman, and Volvo Group's Vice President of Emerging Technology, Paul Illmer, extended a warm welcome to the electric truck at The National Arboretum in Canberra.

The FH Electric showcases the potential for emission-free interstate freight while simultaneously transporting another Volvo Trucks Electric cab chassis. According to Martin Merrick, President of Volvo Group Australia, the brand consistently strives to break barriers in expediting the decarbonization of heavy transportation.

“Recently announced provisional changes to front-axel weight restrictions have enabled this journey and have shown what is possible in terms of zero-emission intercity transportation, but we need to see permanent changes harmonised on front axle weight restrictions across every state and territory to accelerate next generation sustainable mobility and meet our climate targets."
Volvo FH Australia Inline

The Volvo FH Electric, which recently completed this interstate journey, represents the flagship of Volvo's heavy-duty electric truck lineup. Launched earlier this year, it stands out as one of the few OEM heavy-duty electric trucks available for purchase in the country, specifically designed for regional haulage, offering an impressive range of up to 300 kilometers.

During the journey, the truck required a minimum of four complete charging sessions, as per Australian regulations that mandate solo truck drivers to observe seven hours of stationary rest time after 12 hours of driving. Volvo Group efficiently utilized these mandatory rest periods to recharge the truck.

Notably, this journey coincided with the delivery of Australia's first zero-emissions logistics vehicle for emergency services, an FL Electric, to the ACT Emergency Service Agency (ESA) in Canberra. The FL Electric which has been the cargo of the FH Electric the entire trip, has been designated for logistics operations within the ACT ESA. This journey is a tremendous milestone for Volvo as it not only proves the viability of electric trucks in Australia but also shows off to the world the capabilities of their FH Electric heavy-duty truck.

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