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Volvo’s Hydrogen-powered trucks hit the road in 2026 for testing

Looks like Volvo is up to something big—they're preparing to test their new hydrogen trucks by 2026.

Shaynah Miranda Shaynah Miranda on Jun 18, 2024
Volvo Trucks prepares for a greener future with the initiation of hydrogen-powered truck tests.

Do you think trucks can’t be green? Volvo might just prove us wrong. Volvo Trucks has announced that it will begin on-road testing for its hydrogen-powered trucks in 2026, preparing for a commercial launch near the end of this decade. The company plans to maintain the performance level of traditional diesel trucks while aiming to achieve near-zero CO2 emissions.

At present, Volvo is conducting laboratory tests on these vehicles. The trucks are made to operate on green hydrogen, and when combined with renewable HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) as the ignition fuel, they qualify as "Zero Emission Vehicles" (ZEV) under the new EU CO2 emission standards.


Jan Hjelmgren, the head of product management and quality at Volvo Trucks, expressed that these hydrogen trucks would supplement their electric trucks, which have been available for a few years. The hydrogen models will utilize traditional combustion engines but will run on hydrogen, aiming to offer a reliable, high-performance alternative with the potential for zero CO2 emissions.

According to Hjelmgren, multiple technologies are essential to fully decarbonize heavy transport. As a global manufacturer, Volvo believes in providing various solutions to meet diverse customer needs, which include different types of transport assignments, available infrastructure, and varying costs of green energy.

“It’s clear that several kinds of technology are needed to decarbonize heavy transport. As a global truck manufacturer, we need to support our customers by offering a variety of decarbonization solutions, and customers can choose their alternative based on transport assignment, available infrastructure and green energy prices."

The innovative trucks will be equipped with High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) technology, a method developed in collaboration with Westport Fuel Systems. The technology involves injecting a small amount of ignition fuel at high pressure, which facilitates the combustion of hydrogen. Benefits of HPDI technology include improved energy efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, and enhanced engine power.

Volvo and Westport Fuel Systems are joining forces to advance HPDI technology, with their joint efforts starting in 2024. While we all wait for the more sustainable trucks in 2026, feel free to explore the current range of Volvo trucks at TruckDeal and possibly get a quote for your preferred model.

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