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Volvo trucks receive a big order for its line of electric trucks

A 100 unit order has just arrived from one of Europe’s largest logistics companies.

TruckDeal TruckDeal on Oct 11, 2021
Volvo electric truck

Volvo Trucks has just announced that it has received a large order of 100 units for its electric trucks. The order has come from DFDS one of northern Europe’s largest shipping and logistics companies that have annual revenue of about 19 billion Euros.

This deal is the largest to date for the truck maker especially for its electric trucks and it is also one of the largest every for its heavy-duty trucks as well. As a bit of a backgrounder, the first FM Electric truck was delivered to DFDS in August, with the rest of the fleet to follow soon. It is estimated that the delivery of the remaining units will begin sometime in 2022 and will continue through 2023. These trucks will supposedly be used for both long and short-haul journeys throughout the established routes used by the DFDS.

This is a major milestone in our commitment to fossil-free transportation and I am very proud of the partnership we have with DFDS. Together we are showing the world that electrified heavy truck transport is a viable solution already today. I believe this will encourage many more customers to confidently take the first step in their own electrification journey.

On the DFSD side of things, their executive vice president, Niklas Andersson chimes in by stating that “At DFDS, we’re determined to play our part in reducing CO2 emissions and creating a sustainable supply chain. We know how important electrification is in the journey to reach our CO2 targets, and I hope we can inspire others as we move forward in this vital transition.” 

While we have yet to see the true capabilities of Volvo’s FM Electric trucks, it can reportedly carry a weight of 44 tons and has a ranger of 300 kilometers. For those worried about range, the trucks can easily be charged overnight at the truck depot using an onboard AC charger or they can be charged using a high power DC charger at any equipped truck stop while en route. 

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