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Volvo’s hydrogen trucks hit public roads for the first time

Volvo has officially started testing its zero-emission hydrogen fuel-cell electric trucks on Sweden’s public roads.

Jerome Tresvalles Jerome Tresvalles on May 12, 2023
Volvo Hydrogen Trucks

Volvo’s hydrogen fuel-cell trucks are now taking on one of their biggest challenges so far, driving in the frigid cold of northern Sweden’s public roads above the Arctic Circle. According to Volvo Trucks, hydrogen-powered fuel-cell trucks are poised to have a crucial impact on the company's lineup of products with zero exhaust emissions so a successful test here is a major milestone in the journey towards the development of hydrogen fuel-cell trucks.

“Trucks are operating seven days a week and in all types of weather. The harsh conditions on public roads in northern Sweden, with ice, wind, and lots of snow, make an ideal testing environment, I am pleased to say that the tests are going well, confirming tests we carried out beforehand, both digitally and on our confined test track close to Gothenburg.”
Volvo Trucks Arctic Circle Testing Inline 3
Volvo Trucks Arctic Circle Testing Inline 1

Volvo Trucks has announced that their fuel cell electric trucks are scheduled to be released in the latter half of this decade. Preceding the commercial launch, the company plans to initiate tests with haulers several years in advance. To speed up the development process, Volvo Group has collaborated with trucking giant Daimler Trucks to jointly develop and manufacture fuel cell systems specifically designed for heavy-duty vehicles.

Volvo Trucks Arctic Circle Testing Inline 4

At present, Volvo provides the widest range of battery electric trucks in the industry. With six models already in series production, Volvo offers a diverse lineup that caters to a wide range of transportation needs within cities and between them. For hauliers in the industry who wish to transition to zero-emission trucking, Volvo presents a compelling solution by way of six distinct battery-electric models, as well as trucks that operate on renewable fuels like biogas. This allows hauliers to choose a truck that will align with their sustainability initiatives or advocacies. On top of that, these zero-emission trucks could be the way to adapt to increasingly restrictive emissions standards worldwide.

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