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Volvo’s new truck range arrives in the Philippines

We’re getting the new FH, FH16, FM, and FMX.

TruckDeal TruckDeal on Sep 22, 2021
Volvo new truck range

Volvo appears ready to make its case as one of the best commercial truck brands in the Philippines. Prime Quest Transport Solutions, the authorized distributor of Volvo trucks locally, is bringing us four new heavy-duty models: the FH, FH16, FM, and FMX.

Volvo FH

It starts with the Volvo FH, which the brand dubs as "the ultimate long haul experience." Volvo designed the FH to look friendlier and smoother around the edges. Despite its relatively tame looks, the FH is a capable commercial hauler. The FH truck is equipped with a diesel motor with power figures from 420 hp to 540 hp. Feature-wise, Volvo has equipped this truck with Volvo Dynamic Steering and fuel-saving I-Save features.

Volvo FH16

Next is the Volvo FH16, which promises a balance of power and comfort. The new model could help truck drivers get through long routes with ease, as it's capable of up to 750 hp. Aside from power, the FH16 also gets Volvo Dynamic Steering, an infotainment system, and an adaptive high beam. 

Volvo FM

For more sophisticated trucking needs, Volvo now offers the FM. The FM is designed to function as a mobile office for workers on the go. The heavy-duty truck gets a completely redesigned cabin for better comfort and control. More than that, the Volvo FM also gets the brand's Dynamic Steering feature and a large, multi-informational instrument display panel. The new Volvo FM can put out 330 hp up to 460 hp.

Volvo FMX

The last new model, the Volvo FMX, is best for off-road trucking. Volvo claims that it's the most robust construction truck it's ever built. The new cabin is more spacious and offers greater visibility while making room for new features. The FMX comes standard with Volvo Dynamic Steering. It also features an adaptable digital instrument display and a new driving interface. Power figures are rated from 330 hp to 540 hp.

Each new model will be available in various body applications. Pricing information is scarce as of this writing, but interested customers can reach out to Volvo Philippines to find out more about its latest heavy-duty truck range.

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