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Isuzu partners with Honda to develop and launch a fuel cell-powered heavy-duty truck by 2027

Honda will develop and supply fuel cell systems for Isuzu’s next heavy-duty truck which is slated to launch by 2027.

Jerome Tresvalles Jerome Tresvalles on May 17, 2023
Isuzu-Honda Fuel Cell Truck

Isuzu Motors Limited and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. have recently entered into a partnership agreement, affirming their commitment to collaborate on the development and supply of a fuel cell system for Isuzu's upcoming heavy-duty truck powered by fuel cell technology. The agreement signifies Honda's role as the developer and supplier of the fuel cell system, and Isuzu's intention to introduce this truck to the market by 2027.

According to both companies, they believe that fuel cell technology, which utilizes hydrogen as fuel and produces zero carbon dioxide emissions, presents a viable solution to achieve carbon neutrality in heavy-duty trucks. These trucks are specifically designed to tackle challenges such as large load capacity, prolonged usage, long-distance travel, and the demand for rapid refueling. Harnessing the power of fuel cell technology, Isuzu and Honda aim to address these requirements while simultaneously working towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Following an agreement signed in January 2020, for the collaborative exploration of fuel cell-based powertrains in heavy-duty trucks, Isuzu and Honda have been hard at work to establish a solid technological foundation. This foundation includes critical aspects like ensuring fuel cell compatibility with heavy-duty trucks and developing advanced vehicle control technologies. As part of their ongoing efforts, the companies are preparing to initiate demonstration testing of a prototype truck on public roads by the end of the current fiscal year, which concludes on March 31, 2024. 

Both companies state that through their combined experience and expertise, they will continue making progress to develop a fuel cell-powered truck that can satisfy customers and fulfill the performance demand required for heavy-duty trucks.

Isuzu and Honda say that this collaborative effort aims to foster an industry-wide transition towards cleaner energy utilization, encompassing logistics businesses, and promoting the widespread adoption of hydrogen energy. Through these joint endeavors, Isuzu and Honda show that they are dedicated to achieving their common objective of creating a carbon-neutral society, thereby contributing to a sustainable future.

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