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Volvo has new off-road safety tech for its trucks

Volvo is making its trucks safer off-road thanks to three new safety systems that will enhance their mobility and driveability.

Joey Deriquito Joey Deriquito on Jun 15, 2022
new volvo safety technology

Volvo Trucks wants to make their vehicles safer off the road by introducing a new range of features that improve their driveability. These new features will come especially handy in areas such as construction sites where space is tight and the paths are bumpy.

Terrain Brake

The new set of features begins with Terrain Brake, the brand’s solution for driving at low speeds over rough and uneven terrain. It works by applying the brakes of the truck as soon as the driver releases their foot off the accelerator pedal. This lets the truck hold its position without rolling which will enable it to do small movements with great precision. 

Change Direction

Another feature that Volvo will introduce is its Change Direction feature. This is yet again another system that will make it easier to maneuver a truck at a low speed. This feature allows the driver to immediately enter reverse gear while still moving forward. With the feature on, it will automatically ease the truck to a standstill and then slowly start moving it into reverse. To move the truck forward again, all the driver has to do is switch into a forward gear while holding the accelerator.

Active Grip Control

Last but not least on the new feature list is Active Grip Control. It's a feature that significantly improves stability and acceleration in slippery conditions. Think of it like a traction control system on a normal passenger car. If the truck starts to skid, multiple sensors in the vehicle will allow the vehicle’s stability control system to react to the road surface to help the driver stay on it. The feature was also designed to reduce the risk of jack-knifing and oversteering when driving unloaded.

As a final note, Volvo Trucks has also updated its cruise control system so that it can be used at set speeds as low as 4 km/h or even at 2 km/h if needed. This new feature can also be used with optional crawler gears to make it easier for drivers to operate their trucks. 

With Volvo Trucks focusing heavily on safety, we could soon see this new tech enter the local market. In the meantime do check out our website for the latest deals and promos that this Swedish brand has to offer.

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