2024 Isuzu C-Series CYH52 S Dump Truck

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Isuzu C-Series CYH52 S Dump Truck Overview

The Isuzu C-Series is a heavy-duty truck that’s durable and eco-friendly at the same time, this is all thanks to its new Euro IV engine. For the Philippine market, it has a total of 2 variants, specifically the CYZ52 M and CYH52.

The CYH52 S is the long-wheelbase model of the C-Series of Isuzu Philippines. It comes with an 8x4 drivetrain with the four rear wheels responsible for moving the vehicle and with the first four wheels handling steering duties. It comes with a gross weight of 41,000 kgs and has a gross payload capacity of 31,170 kgs and 31,260 kgs depending on the variant chosen for the dumper body. Other rear body configurations can also be equipped on the vehicle depending on the specifications of the customer.

The CYH52 S Dump Truck is powered by a 15.7-liter turbo diesel engine that produces 414 hp and 1,863 Nm of torque. This heavy-duty 12-wheeler truck is 9,315 mm long, allowing it to support a dump truck configuration. As for suspension setup, both the front and rear feature a Multi leaf with double shock absorbers. Also, the Isuzu CYH52 S Dump Truck features front and rear air brakes along with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) for added safety.

The dump truck variant of the CYH52 S is for use in waste management, construction, and other industries that need a capable and large dumper to go along with a heavy-duty truck. The rear dumper is lifted by a hydraulic arm with its own reservoir of fluid that can be operated by the vehicle crew.

Isuzu C-Series CYH52 S Dump Truck Variant and Pricelist

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