2024 Isuzu E-Series EXR QL Tractor Head

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Isuzu E-Series EXR QL Tractor Head Overview

The Isuzu E-Series delivers the utmost capability as a tractor head. It’s capable and always ready to take on any load or road challenge. Locally, it is made available in two variants, namely the EXR52 F and EXZ52 K.

The EXR QL is the short-wheelbase version of the tractor head that comes in a 6-wheeler configuration and with an extended cab. It comes with a gross vehicle weight of 25,000 kgs and has a gross combination mass of 60,000 kgs. It is also equipped with a heavy-duty coupler and a 320 mm double-channel frame. The EXR QL also has heavy-duty suspension for big loads and comes with a tapered leaf suspension for the front and rear, with a multi-lift suspension as an option.

As for standard features, the E-Series comes equipped with a generous amount of goodies, including power windows, automatic door locks, and a standard air conditioning system to maintain a cool cabin.

There is only one engine available for this model, and that is a 5.7-liter, 6-cylinder, Blue Power diesel engine. The said powerplant is able to produce 453 hp and 2,060 Nm of torque and shifts via a 16-speed manual transmission.

The tractor head can be attached to a multitude of trailer options, these include a tanker, low bed, drop bed, bulk carrier, and flatbed. This makes it ideal for those who have to transport liquid-based goods, move heavy machinery, and move awkwardly shaped cargo.

Isuzu E-Series EXR QL Tractor Head Variant and Pricelist

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