2024 Isuzu N-Series NLR85 ES Smoother


Isuzu N-Series NLR85 ES Smoother Overview

The Isuzu N-Series is a light-duty truck that delivers that needed capability with cleaner emissions and fuel efficiency. It was launched in the Philippines back in September 2017 for a full model change and it’s currently offered in several variants with multiple applications for each. The NLR85 ES Smoother model launched in October 2021, the first Isuzu model to feature an automated manual transmission.

Inside, standard features include power windows, a central door lock, and a tuner radio with USB and two speakers for entertainment. An air-conditioning system, on the other hand, is optional.

The Isuzu NLR85 ES Smoother is a freight-oriented model of the N-Series of trucks from the Japanese manufacturer. It is made of aluminum exterior panels with aluminum posts constructing the frame of the body. On the inside, the flooring of the body is made of 2.30mm thick checkered plating, while the interior panels are made of quarter-inch-thick marine plywood. For extra security, the rear of the body has stainless steel lock rods, door hinges, and door holdbacks.

The light-duty truck is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine that produces 124 hp and 354 Nm of torque. The crowning feature of the NLR85 ES Smoother is Isuzu’s Automated Manual Transmission technology, which combines the convenience of an automatic gearbox with the precise control of a manual transmission.

As for applications, the NLR85 ES Smoother comes with five configurations to choose from. The variant list includes an Aluminum Van, Dropside, Dropside with Crane, Refrigerated Van, on top of the basic cab and chassis.

The Aluminum Van configuration of the NLR85 ES Smoother is perfect for general logistics applications. Shipping product and is versatile provided that the cargo is not temperature sensitive. Dimensions of the aluminum box will depend on the body builder’s specifications. That being said, the variant can fit a rear box as long as 10 feet in length.

Meanwhile, the Dropside variant is available on its own or with a crane attached. A basic Dropside variant puts a 10-foot long bed at the back of the truck, with a dropside wall for easy cargo access, making it perfect for agricultural, construction, and other applications. The addition of a crane aids in cargo loading and unloading as well as transportation of heavier loads at the expense of slightly less cargo space.

Industries and businesses that need to transport temperature-sensitive cargo may opt for the Refrigerated Van variant of the NLR85 ES Smoother. Made to deliver cold-storage items, the variant keeps its cargo area cool throughout the journey.

Isuzu N-Series NLR85 ES Smoother Variant and Pricelist

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