2024 Scania P-Series Crew Cab

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Scania P-Series Crew Cab Overview

A special model that expands on the cabin area and crew-housing capabilities of the P-Series, the Crew Cab model offers wide interior space for multiple occupants as well as a resting area. The Crew Cab finds use in the emergency services sector with the vehicle being used as a base for firetrucks.

Scania offers the Crew Cab in two sizes, the standard, and the Long. Either configuration will allow access via four doors, and space for up to four passengers. The rear seats can make room for

The truck is powered by a 220 hp turbo diesel motor and it makes 1,000 Nm of torque. Powering the truck is a 7-liter motor that can also be found in the standard P-Series 220. The transmissions for the P-Series are the Range-Change and Range-Splitter gearboxes, which have up to 8 or 8+1 either 12 or 12+1 gears, respectively. Following that, Scania equips its powertrains with either single-driven rear axle gears or tandem-driven axle gears that allow the truck to handle up to 78 to 80 tones of gross vehicle weight with the single-driven set, or from 80 tons all the way to 210 tons with the tandem-driven set.

Scania also offers a bodybuilding service that allows clients to suit the truck for any need in any industry. On top of that, the premium service also allows customers to receive instructions, drawings, and details about their equipment, as well as tools, certificates, and online tutorials.

Scania P-Series Crew Cab Variant and Pricelist

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