2024 Sinotruk HOWO A7 Dump Truck

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Sinotruk HOWO A7 Dump Truck Overview

HOWO’s A7 Dump Truck is another heavy-duty vehicle that the truck maker offers in the Philippines aimed at aggregate transportation. It’s available in either an 8x4 configuration or a 6x4 configuration.

It comes with a standard cabin with a double bed and its 8x4 configuration measures 11,365 mm in length, 2,496mm in width, and 3,800 mm in height. It comes with wheelbase measurements of 1,950mm + 4,625mm + 1,350mm for its respective segments. The truck has a gross vehicle weight of 31,000kg and has a load capacity of between 31 to 40 Tons. Meanwhile, the 6x4 model has overall measurements of 8,100 mm in length, 2,496 mm in width, and 3,360 mm in height. The gross vehicle weight comes in at 25,000 kg, while the cargo box has a 30-ton payload capacity.

Powering the truck is a 9.7-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine that comes with two tunes available depending on the needs of the customer. The first tune produces 420 hp while the second tune produces 440 hp. Its sole transmission option is a 10-speed manual. It can also be had in several environmental standards with Euro II to Euro IV engines being available.

The A7’s 6x4 Dump Truck features a 9.726-liter 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, water-cooled, turbo-charged diesel engine that puts out a capable 371 hp. There’s also another engine option that delivers up to 420 hp. Either way, the power plant pairs with a 10-speed manual transmission with 10 forward gears and two reverse gears. The HOWO A7 packs a German-made power steering unit and VDO instrument cluster.

For versatile construction needs, the HOWO A7 Dump Truck delivers a durable and efficient ride. Businesses in large-scale industries stand to benefit from the A7 line’s world-class trucking applications. More than that, HOWO also offers customers other reliable models like the A7 Transit Mixer and Tractor Head model.

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