2024 Volvo FMX 11 430 Rigid Truck

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Volvo FMX 11 430 Rigid Truck Overview

Based on the FM range of trucks, the FMX was first introduced to the market alongside the facelifted FM series in 2010. The model is similar to the FM, but is more robust and kitted out to take on challenging environments. It is currently marketed as Volvo Trucks’ toughest, strongest, and most robust truck in the lineup. Equipped with either an 11-liter or 13-liter 6-cylinder diesel motor, the FMX series promises powerful performance.

The 11-liter engine is capable of base power and torque figures of 330 hp and 1650 Nm of torque respectively. An up-rated version of the engine produces 370 hp and 1770 Nm of torque, while the highest output on offer from Volvo for this engine stands at 430 hp and 1970 Nm of torque.

At 13 liters, the bigger engine provides a more powerful baseline. Power figures for each engine configuration are at 400 hp and 2000 Nm of torque, 440 hp and 2200 Nm of torque, 480 hp and 2400 Nm of torque, and finally 520 hp and 2500 Nm of torque.

Other features in the FMX series inclue Volvo’s dynamic steering, I-Shift, a suite of Driver Support Systems, rear aid suspension, traction control, all-wheel-drive, steerable multi-axles, support for up to 5 axles, towing enough to pull 32 tons, and the brand’s infotainment screen with navigation, Dynafleet OnBoard, and voice controls.

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