2024 Foton Auman GTL Tractor Head


Foton Auman GTL Tractor Head Overview

As a cargo-hauling model, the GLT tractor head 4x2 is ideal for those who need to transport various kinds of goods or cargo on a trailer. The tractor head is a versatile platform that can be attached to several different kinds of trailer configurations or even custom trailers depending on the specifications of the customer.

Powering the tractor head is an 11.8-liter turbo diesel engine that produces 400 hp and 2,100 Nm of torque. It shifts via a 12-speed manual transmission that comes with a high and low gear splitter.

Foton Auman GTL Tractor Head Variant and Pricelist

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Foton Auman GTL Tractor Head 4x2 6 Wheeler



10 Wheeler


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