2024 Foton EST 430 Tractor Head


Foton EST 430 Tractor Head Overview

The Foton EST serves as the brand’s heavy-duty range of tractor heads in the country. The range of trucks is divided into the 400 series and the 430 series with each one easily being adaptable to the hauling needs of the customer. The EST 400 comes with an 11.8-liter turbo diesel engine that produces 400hp and comes with a maximum pulling capacity of 55,000kg. The EST430 on the other hand comes carries the same engine, but comes with a higher output of 430hp and with a higher pulling capacity of 80,000kg.

The EST range of trucks can be had in two configurations, the first of which is a 4x2 setup, while the second option is a 6x4.

Foton EST 430 Tractor Head Variant and Pricelist

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Foton EST 430 Tractor Head 6x4 10 Wheeler



10 Wheeler


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