Fuso FI

The Fuso FI in the Philippines serves as one of the Japanese brand’s medium duty trucks in the country. It comes in the form of a 6 wheeler configuration that comes in 22 feet in length and has a gross vehicle weight of 11.9 Tons. Giving comfort to its driver the medium duty truck comes with a multi-adjustable air pressure driver’s seat along with a tilt and telescopic adjustable steering wheel to give the driver an optimum driving position. It also comes with cruise control as well as power windows adding further convenience for the driver. On top of this it also comes with ABS and a differential lock buzzer to inform the driver of the vehicle’s differential lock position. It also comes with a payload capacity of 11,625.

The Fuso FI comes powered by a 6.4-liter inline 6 turbocharged diesel motor that produces 234hp and 850 Nm of torque. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a 6-speed synchromesh transmission. It comes with a 260-liter fuel tank along with a 60-liter AdBlue tank to better help the vehicle meet environmental standards. The medium duty truck rides on a reverse Elliot front axle and a fully floating rear axle. Suspension comes in the form of parabolic leaf springs with shock absorbers at the front and semi-elliptical with auxiliary spring suspension at the rear. Stopping power comes from fully air S-Cam dual circuit brakes while its parking brake utilizes a pneumatically operated spring actuator with a hand brake valve acting on the rear axle. An engine brake is also available with the truck.

Fuso FI Truck Models

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