2024 Fuso Super Great FV-R 6x4 Tractor Head


Fuso Super Great FV-R 6x4 Tractor Head Overview

The Fuso Super Great FV-R 4x6 is available in a 10-wheeler configuration with a wheelbase of 4,520 mm. The truck has an overall length of 6,770 mm, an overall width of 2,490 mm, and an overall height of 3,300 mm. The gross vehicle weight is 25,000 kg, while payload capacity is variable, maxing out at a 25,000 kg imposed load.

The Super Great FV-R 4x6 comes powered by an inline-6 12-liter turbo diesel motor that produces 450 hp and 2,200 Nm of torque. The heavy-duty truck comes with a 12-speed automated manual transmission that sends power to the rear axles. It also comes with a Power Take-off function for both the truck and the tractor head. The truck comes with a reverse Elliot I beam-type axle at the front and a Fully floating Banjo-type axle at the rear. The suspension comes in the form of a parabolic leaf spring with shock absorbers and stabilizers at the front and inverted leaf springs with a trunnion base at the rear or a multi-leaf spring system with helper springs depending on the variant. Stopping power comes in the form of wedge-type air brakes that also come with dual circuits. The truck also comes with a wheel park-type parking brake and an engine brake that utilizes the exhaust system.

For safety, the Fuso Super Great FV-R 4x6 comes with 3-point seatbelts and a 2-point lap belt. It also comes with side impact beams, a collapsible steering wheel, and cruise control. Other safety features include ABS, an anti-slip regulator, as well as a hill start assist system. The truck also features a wide windshield and mirrors for greater visibility, high contrast multi-information display, a sleeper cabin, radio functionality, and air conditioning.

Fuso Super Great FV-R 6x4 Tractor Head Variant and Pricelist

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