2024 Hyundai HD 270 Dump Truck

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Hyundai HD 270 Dump Truck Overview

The Hyundai HD 270 is a heavy-duty truck that features enhanced durability, outstanding performance, and better convenience. Like the rest of Hyundai's trucks and buses range, this 10-wheeler model provides greater durability and superior performance. As for exterior dimensions, it measures 7,635 mm long, 2,495 mm wide, 3,130 mm tall, and has a minimum ground clearance of 300 mm.

Hyundai’s HD 270 Dump Truck is run by an 11-liter 6-cylinder engine that churns out a healthy 316 hp and 1,373 Nm of torque. Its mill is then paired with a 6-speed manual, plus, this model supports a 6x4 drivetrain. Braking power is provided by front and rear air brakes, while its suspension setup features front and rear semi-elliptic, laminated leaf springs with double shock absorbers. This model also has an anti-lock braking system (ABS) for added safety. Other convenience features include an adjustable driver’s seat and an air conditioning system.

The HD 270 Dump Truck is for use in waste management, construction, and other industries that need a capable and large dumper to go along with a heavy-duty truck. Likewise, it can be modified in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

Hyundai HD 270 Dump Truck Variant and Pricelist

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