2024 Hyundai HD 700 Tractor Head

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Hyundai HD 700 Tractor Head Overview

The Hyundai HD 700 is part of the brand’s heavy-duty long-wheelbase lineup of tractor head trucks in the Philippines. It comes as a 10-wheeler (6x4) model that has a wheelbase of 4,350mm. It measures 6,685 mm in length, 2,495 mm in width, and 3,130 mm in height making it one of the longer tractor head models available with the South Korean automaker. The HD 700 has a gross vehicle weight of 29,900 kg.

Powering the HD 700 tractor head is an 11-liter EURO II in-line 6 turbocharged diesel motor that pushes out 316 hp and 1,451 Nm of torque. It sends power to the rear wheels via a 10-speed manual transmission that comes with two reverse gears or a 16-speed manual transmission with two reverse gears. The HD 700 rides on semi-elliptic laminated leaf springs with a shackle link for the front and rear. Stopping power comes from an air brake system that comes with a butterfly valve.

As the HD 700 is a tractor head, this makes the truck ideal for the cargo-hauling industry thanks to its powerful and torquey motor. It can be used to tow a multitude of trailer options such as a tanker, low bed, drop bed, bulk carrier, and flatbed.

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