2023 Kia K2500

P1,020,000 - P1,210,000

Kia K2500 Overview

The Kia K2500, derived from the K-Series of commercial vehicles. It has been one of the choices for many Filipinos for its versatility and capability to meet the demands of the Philippine setting. The vehicle is able to adapt to almost every transport need. Powering the K2500 is a 2.5L CRDi Turbocharged engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. The said engine is able to push out 128 hp and 255 Nm of torque. Its wide range of variants is then priced affordably, with the lowest trim starting at only P865,000 Philippine Pesos.

This light commercial vehicle was relaunched back in 2019, with Kia Philippines also being reintroduced under the management of Ayala Corporation. The Kia K2500 is made available in different modifications such as a dropside, single cab, a closed van, and many more. There's also a 4x4 option that is made available on select variants, therefore heightening the overall capability of the K2500. With a maximum payload capacity of 1,635 kilograms, for the Cab and Chassis variant, you can expect a decent level of cargo-hauling capabilities with this model. The closed van, which is the heaviest among the variants will come with a maximum payload of 1,235 kg. Its rear body is the biggest coming in at 2,896 mm by 1,740 mm by 1,830 mm for its length, width, and height, respectively. Meanwhile, the versatile Kargo and Karga variants’ rear body will come in at 3,050 mm by 1,740 mm by 1,665 mm for its length, width, and height, as well. Double cab variants are also available and feature up to four doors for the cab section of the nameplate.

As for cabin features, the light commercial vehicle can come specced with a front or dual aircon system. The rear body is otherwise manufactured by the Centro corporation, and the model features a separate key at the back for added security, as well as seating for up to 16 passengers in the rear and two plus the driver upfront, with up to four doors allowing for access to the seats. The seats also fold up and out of the way to maximize the cargo space in the rear body for Karga variants.
The Kia K2500 can only be had in one engine, specifically a 2.5-liter diesel that is able to churn out 128 hp and 255 Nm of torque. The said mill can only be paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox. As mentioned, this light commercial vehicle is made available in several modifications. So far, it is one of the only models in the Philippines that feature a 4x4 system that allows the vehicle to go beyond the realm of the road and lets it traverse more uncharted areas with less forgiving terrain. Otherwise, the vehicle can be configured with a 4x2 system that gets the job done just by sending power to the rear wheels.

As for safety and security, the Kia K2500 gets 3-point ELR seatbelts for that added certainty while this light commercial vehicle is on a cruise.

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Kia K2500 4x2 Cab Chassis Single Cab



4 Wheeler


Kia K2500 4x4 Cab Chassis Single Cab



4 Wheeler


Kia K2500 4x4 Dropside Double Cab



4 Wheeler


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