UD Quester

The UD Quester is the brand’s heavy-duty lineup of trucks that caters to a wide range of business applications. Designed and named to tackle long hauls and quests, the Quester is the larger of UD’s offerings in the lineup. The Quester is available in 4x2, 6x2, 6x4, and 8x4 configurations. Power figures range from 220 hp up to 440 hp for the most powerful model.

Whether you choose the base model cab-chassis or the different body configurations that include cargo trucks and dump trucks, the UD Quester has you covered. These hardy commercial vehicles are made to go the extra mile, so you can rest knowing that your logistics needs are taken care of.

UD Quester Truck Models

Find all UD Quester truck models available in the Philippines and view detailed specifications, prices, images, videos, reviews and much more. Connect with a UD dealer and request a quote.

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UD Quester Main

UD Trucks celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the heavy-duty Quester truck / News

First launched in 2013, the UD Quester continues to showcase UD Trucks' 87-year history of truck-building expertise.