2024 Volvo FH 16 650 Tractor Head

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Volvo FH 16 650 Tractor Head Overview

The most powerful truck in the FH lineup, the FH16 650 is Volvo’s most capable truck in the FH series eclipsing the 550 models with a bigger engine and more hauling power. In its tractor head form, this particular FH16 allows for the use of a trailer that can be used to haul containers and all sorts of cargo for varying industries.

Volvo claims that the FH16 can haul from 18 up to 20 tons of freight. To help along with its handling, Volvo equipped it with its Dynamic Steering which is also available on other trucks with dual front axles. This system helps the driver pilot the truck with ease, and GRAS-G2 air suspension is a new feature now available on the FH16.

Powered by the same 16.1-liter 6-cylinder turbodiesel motor native to the FH16 range called the D16, the model makes up to 610 hp and 2,800 Nm of torque. As for its transmission, it uses the Volvo I-Shift system that comes with a myriad of software packages available from Volvo.

As for its cab, the FH16 650 comes in a standard sleeper cab, which Volvo calls one of the safest and most comfortable workplaces in the industry. The cabin features a light and airy atmosphere that offers a lot of space, loads of room, and a full serving of refinement. Being a sleeper cab, it features a wide and comfortable bed along with a fully-adjustable and ergonomic seat. Air conditioning is handled by Volvo’s electronic climate control system, with a multitude of sensors that purify the air in the cabin. The FH16’s infotainment system is a touchscreen unit that has navigation features as well as Volvo’s Dynafleet OnBoard.

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