Foton Tornado

The Foton Tornado is the brand’s light-duty truck model in the Philippines. It can be had with multiple cab designs and offers itself as a versatile platform for those looking for a vehicle that can reliably transport cargo. The range of trucks can accommodate 11ft to 17ft rear bodies that come in the form of a dropside, double cab, F-Van, MPV, refrigerator van, self-loader, and a telescopic crane variant.

Powering the Tornado line of trucks is a range of Cummins turbo diesel motors. These power plants come in the form of either a 2.0-liter, 2.8-liter, and 3.5-liter motor depending on the variant. Horsepower numbers for the light-duty truck range from 117 hp and go all the way up to 154 hp. Torque numbers also vary depending on the engine as the entry-level motor produces 172 Nm of torque while the higher-end models make 500 Nm of torque. Its payload capacity also varies per model staying within the 2,000 kg to 4,800 kg range depending on the variant of the vehicle.

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