2024 Hyundai HD 370S Mixer Truck

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Hyundai HD 370S Mixer Truck Overview

The Hyundai HD 370S is a mixer truck that serves as one of the Korean automaker's heavy-duty sleeper cab commercial vehicles in the Philippines. The HD 370S is available as a 6x4 8-wheeler. Its wheelbase measures 5,650 mm, and its gross vehicle weight is 38,000 kg. This mixer truck has an overall length of 8,555 mm, a width of 2,585 mm, and a height of 3,265 mm.

The Hyundai HD 370S is a high-performance dump truck featuring advanced technology that promises enhanced durability, outstanding performance, and better convenience. The HD370 dump truck is powered by an 11.149-liter inline-6 diesel engine capable of 374 hp and 1,569 Nm of torque. The engine is paired with a 16-speed manual transmission. The HD 370S max speed tops out at 91 km/h. This dump truck's braking power is provided by full dual-circuit air brakes. A spring-loaded type chamber parking brake is also available. Furthermore, an injection cam operated jake brake and air-operated exhaust brake come standard for the HD 370S. As for the suspension, this heavy-duty dump truck features front and rear semi-elliptic, laminated leaf springs with shackle links.

The interior of the HD 370S features an ergonomic design with an LED-illuminated wraparound instrument panel, air-suspended driver's seat, spacious sleeping bed, and various storage spaces. Other notable features include power windows and central door locking.

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